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The Double Oak Volunteer Fire Department has seen many changes since it was founded in 1980. The DOVFD has transformed from a group of neighbors whose goal was to serve as a primary response to ires to today's highly trained personnel capable of not only responding to fires, but to all varieties of emergencies. The DOVFD now serves as the primary responding department for all emergencies in the Town of Double Oak and surrounding areas of Denton County. Still, the tradition of volunteering to serve the community lives on. The DOVFD is now the only remaining 100% volunteer fire department in Denton County. None of our members receive any compensation for their dedicated work. For the DOVFD, the satisfaction of helping others during a difficult event in their lives is our motivation.
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Support Keeps DOVFD Out In Front

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Firefighting is a hazardous job and as firefighters are tasked with doing more with less it is becoming even more dangerous fortunately, the DOVFD is blessed with a wonderful support from our town Council in residence. As a volunteer fire department we are set up as a non-profit 501 (c) Organization. We rely heavily on donations to fulfill our budget each year. The town of double Oak provides some funds each year, however over 50% of our yearly budget is derived from donations and fundraising events. Because of the great support we have received, the DOVFD has been able to stay in the forefront of firefighting technology. We have a capable fleet of apparatus including to class a engines (pumpers) for structure firefighting, and to brush trucks for wildland firefighting. We are able to equip our firefighters with state of the art turnout gear improving their safety. We DOVFD has also been able to purchase to thermal imaging cameras text for our use. These are infrared cameras which allow our firefighters to see through blinding smoke in order to quickly find victims inside a house fire and to locate the fire more quickly. Before the text firefighters were only able to find victims by crawling Loel to the floor in feeling for them because in a house fire divisibility quickly drops to zero. The cameras also help us locate hotspots after a fire or before a fire starts. The support we received from double Oak is second to none in your donations help to keep that DOVFD ready to respond in any emergency. We appreciate all your support!

Fire Department Information

The Town of Double Oak is located approximately 20 miles north of Dallas, Texas and is primarily a residential community with about 2,800 residents. With future commercial development, the growth of neighboring communities, and continued development in town, our department will continue support more calls for help in the future. The DOVFD responds to many different types of emergencies including: structure fires, grass fires, fire alarms, vehicle fires, medical emergency, motor vehicle accidents, hazardous materials incidents, and other types of emergencies. Our department currently consists of 29 all volunteer membership, we are proud to still be able to offer 24 hour emergency services 365 days a year to our residents.

The average response time for the DOVFD in the town limits of double Oak is six minutes. In addition to responses within the Town of Double Oak, DOVFD also covers certain areas of Denton County that surround Double Oak. We also have mutual aid agreements with the surrounding cities of Argyle, Bartonville, Copper Canyon, Flower Mound and Highland Village to both provide and receive assistance as needed. The Denton County mutual aid plan also provides for mutual aid across the county as needed for large-scale incidents. This plan was activated in September 2000 when DOVFD and other departments responded to a hardware store fire in downtown Sanger, and again and Roanoke, Texas during November 2001 for an aircraft hangar fire. The DOVFD has also responded out to the county during the busy wildland fire seasons responding into both Wise County and Montague County. We are also on standby during the 2006 wildfire seasons to respond to Texas Panhandle to assist with wildfires there.
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Additionally, some Saturdays are reserved for special training drills such as live fire drills, special classes and extra voluntary drills. On the fourth Monday of the month, an EMS Continuing Education (CE's) class is also held. This class is designed for our personnel who are trained to perform patient care during medical emergencies calls. All of our firefighters are trained in basic first aid skills, however EMTs and Paramedics must attend a certain number of CE classes each year in order to keep their certifications. Other training drills are scheduled as needed for specific topics in certification courses. We also send members to outside training classes at other departments, state fire schools, and fire academies. Our members participate in countless hours of training enabling them to provide the best possible services to the town.
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Training is an important part of our ability to respond to different types of incidents and we participate in many different training activities. We train every Monday at 7 pm.

Emergency Medical Services

In addition to being trained in firefighting rescue operations, all members receive training in basic first aid. This basic training includes CPR training for all members by certified CPR instructors. Many of our members have also attended outside schools for advanced medical training. These members are certified by the State of Texas as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT's) and/or Paramedics (EMT-P's). This training enables our members to provide basic life support BLS services to patients. In 2003, the DOVFD added Automatic External Defibrillator's (AED's) on our two engines bringing us to a total of four of these life-saving devices. AED's carried on our apparatus enable our firefighters to send an electrical shock to the person's heart which has stop beating. It is all known that DOVFD members have saved at least two victims from cardiac arrest with the use of AED since their purchase.

On any emergency medical call or vehicle accident in Double Oak, a Flower Mound Fire Department ambulance is automatically dispatch to the scene by the 911 dispatch operator. This ambulance is staffed by at least one Paramedic and has the ability to provide Advanced Life Support (ALS) services and transportation to the hospital. This combination of both BLS and ALS capabilities provide our residents with a higher level of emergency care.
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Mike Ayers, Fire Chief

1110 Cross Timbers Drive
Double Oak, Texas 75077
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