Engine 551

2004 Pierce Contender Custom Pumper
1250 GPM Pump
1000 Gallon WaterTank
Compressed Air Foam System - CAFS
6-Person Cab
Engine 551 was purchased in 2004 to replace our aging 1991 model pumper. The engine was built in Bradenton, FL by Pierce Manufacturing. It was designed with safety and efficiency in mind and custom built for the Double Oak Volunteer Fire Dept. Engine 551 is a 2004 model Pierce Contender Custom Pumper. It carries 1000 gallons of water inside its onboard water tank. The pump on the engine is rated at 1,250 gallons per minute. Engine 551 features seating for up to six firefighters and carries a full complement of firefighting equipment including hose, hand tools, SCBA, vehicle extrication tools, ladders, and more!
The engine is a joy to operate as all functions including pumping water are easy to handle. E-551 also carries a full stock of medical equipment for medical emergency responses. Engine 551 also has an onboard generator and lighting system enabling us to provide scene lighting during nighttime incidents as well as provide power to electric tools and equipment. Several of our members traveled to the Pierce plant in Bradenton, FL for final inspection of E-551 on April 21, 2004. Engine 551 was also featured at the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) in Indianapolis, IN during the first week of May 2004. Following the FDIC conference, E-551 was driven back to Double Oak by some of our members and readied for service. On May 8, 2004 our 1991 model Engine 551 was retired from service with the DOVFD and delivered to the Lake Tanglewood Volunteer Fire Department near Amarillo, TX. The retired Engine 551 now serves in a front line capacity with their department. In the meantime, our 2004 Pierce will continue to serve Double Oak well into the future!
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