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DOVFD is a 100% volunteer organization, and like so many others, our members come from all professions and backgrounds, some with vast experience and others just willing to learn. It is amazing how much we accomplish through faith, dedication, professionalism & teamwork! We are fortunate that the community supports our efforts. Through fundraising and the support of the Town, we've been able to keep up with safety improvements and technology to ensure firefighter safety and performance. After years of hard work we achieved a class 3 ISO rating, which provides for lower insurance rates.

Our goals are simple; protect and enhance life safety. We care about your family and ours, if you need us anytime, never hesitate to call. Dial 911 and we'll be there for you.

Thank you for visiting DOVFD on the web. Please visit our photo albums that showcase our small town July 4 parade and picnic, Santa’s annual tour, firefighter training and activities. Please stop by anytime you are in the area to visit!
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Mike Ayers, Fire Chief
Mike Ayers
Fire Chief
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  • Every room needs two ways out.
  • One way out would be the door and the second way out may be a window.
  • Make sure your bedroom or where you sleep has a smoke alarm so you will wake up quickly and be able to use the door to get outside. You must be able to hear the “beep, beep, beep” of the smoke alarm wherever you sleep.
  • It is important to have a meeting place outside the home. A good meeting place might be a neighbor’s home, a special tree, a neighborhood store next door, a mailbox, or a street light.
  • If the smoke alarm sounds, get outside and go to your meeting place. Wait for your family to meet you.
  • Grown-ups will know that everyone is safe.
  • It is important that after hearing the smoke alarm you get outside and stay outside.
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Mike Ayers, Fire Chief

1110 Cross Timbers Drive
Double Oak, Texas 75077
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