The Double Oak Volunteer Fire Department relies heavily on fundraising to keep our operations going. Donations from residents and citizens groups help us to provide a high level of service to the community. Our budget is derived partly from the Town of Double Oak however more than 50 percent of our budget comes from fundraising including citizen donations and special events. The July 4th Parade and Picnic fundraiser is the largest fundraising event for the department. Each year the picnic gets larger and larger with more people attending. It is also our most expensive fundraiser each year with the department purchasing the food, drinks, games, band, and other items that we need to have at the event. Other sources of funding include citizens groups such as the Double Oak Women's Club. The women's club is a huge supporter of the DOVFD and has been for many years. Each year they hold a special craft auction at the Double Oak Town Hall. Money raised at the auction is donated by the women's club to the DOVFD. The remainder of our budget comes from the residents of Double Oak and the areas we serve. Each year the fire department sends out a fundraising letter to everyone in our coverage area. We also make the letter available here on our web site. Even with our special events, the annual donations from citizens make up the largest portion of our fundraising efforts. Remember that the DOVFD is a non profit 501(c) corporation so your donation to the department is tax deductible. Soon we are planning on making an online donation form available for you to donate to the DOVFD through our website! We thank you all for your continued support of the fire department. We could not provide our level of service without you!

Why Donate To the DOVFD?

You might ask why should I donate to the DOVFD? As you have read above, we rely on fundraising and donations for over half of our yearly budget. We need your donations to be able to operate on a daily basis and to provide the best fire and medical services to our town. The costs of operating a fire department are high. You will see some photos of things that rely on your donations. Some of these involve the daily operation of the department and others involve things that benefit the town and its residents. We rely on your donations to be able to provide these services and to expand our services in the future. All of these services are provided by dedicated volunteers. This saves the town money because you are not paying taxes for a fully staffed fire department 24/7. Instead we are able to provide a similar and in some cases even higher level of service than you would find with many paid departments. Our response times in our district are within 6 minutes, trained personnel respond appropriately to deal with a problem, and we provide services above and beyond what many other departments provide. You won't see many fire departments removing debris from a closed roadway after severe weather, or bringing Santa Claus around on the fire truck to visit the kids. We also rely on donations to help equip or firefighters with personal protective clothing and safety equipment. The safety of our members is our number 1 priority! The information and features we provide here on our web site are also supported by your donations. All of the design and maintenance on the website is done on volunteer time from our webmaster. Donations help offset the costs of web hosting and equipment for our live dispatch audio server. These are just some examples of what is made possible through your donations. Thank you for your support and we will continue to strive to provide you the service you deserve!
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